Fashions Fade, Memes are Eternal

Pop culture influences on modern fashion

New York Fashion Week has long been lauded as a cultural staple—a salon at which the vogue monarchs of our day make their imperial decrees vis-à-vis what’s “in” and what’s “out.” This year, pop culture trends and social media fads are decidedly “in.”

A show put on recently by the Barcelona-based fashion house, Desigual, featured Snapchat filter-inspired looks, highlighting popular filters such as the giraffe, the flower crown and, of course, the quintessential dog in their creative costumes. Desigual has been getting a lot of press for this usage of pop culture in clothing, but they aren’t the only ones to do so—a few obscure houses of revolutionary designers are spearheading a new and unique cultural movement in this vein: meme-based fashion. Lucky for you, The Wake has an inside scoop on these up-and-coming Meme Fashion spectacles.

Illustrator: Taylor Daniels

Illustrator: Taylor Daniels

Inviting only the most esteemed of guests, these incendiary artists stage private shows in alleyways, sewers and even dumps, aiming to highlight the truly subversive chicness of their collection. “The meme shows are truly fabulous. Last week I attended one held in an abandoned cat food factory. There was this fabulous look that transformed a model into the clenched fist of Arthur the Aardvark… Absolutely transcendent…” our exclusive informant, the ghost of Coco Chanel, tells us.

Other looks in the collection have included a gorgeous Dat Boi-themed dress with a sewed-on unicycle, a striking John Cena-themed jumper made entirely out of dumbbells, Crocs featuring stunning Miranda Cosgrove patterns, and exact replicas of every outfit “Damn Daniel” wore in the iconic vines (including, of course, the holy white vans). A particularly memorable look featured a miraculous, six-foot-tall hat upon which an ice sculpture of Ted Cruz engraved with zodiac symbols was mounted. Each show is concluded with a jaw-dropping ballet homage to the Spongegar and blurred Mr. Krabs memes. The show stars professional ballerinas and features “smoke” effects produced by a man lurking beneath the stage and continuously vaping massive clouds.

Haters will say it’s fake, but for all you know, this assembly of forward-thinking, ingeniously creative meme-engineers most definitely exists and is here to stay. In the immortal words Yves Saint Laurent’s ghost: “Fashions fade, memes are eternal”.