8 people who should have been Hillary’s VP nominee

Number 6 will surprise you

Art: Emily Hill

Art: Emily Hill

The office of the Vice President isn’t the most glamorous of political office, but the VP has a chance to shape the course of American history. The right choice for a running mate can help secure an election, but a bad one take those dreams of being commander-in-chief down the tubes.

In July, Hillary Clinton made her choice with Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, but let’s be honest, he was a very boring choice for the office. Yes, Clinton needs to win Virginia, but imagine who else could have been on the ticket. I did, and here are some ideas:


1) Elizabeth Warren: Senator Warren would have been an energizing pick for the Clinton campaign. She is arguably one of the Democrat’s biggest stars and would have enhanced an already historic ticket. Selecting Warren would also have sent a message to the Democrats that a Clinton White House will be tough on Wall Street and would understand the economic interests of the middle class, which would court many of the hardcore Bernie Sanders supporters who have been reluctant toward voting for Clinton.


2) Cory Booker: The senator from New Jersey and former mayor of Newark who once saved a woman from a burning house represents many of the aspects of politics that appeal to younger voters as he has a lively Twitter feed and actively connects with his constituents, something Secretary Clinton just can’t seem to do well. Senator Booker is also highly progressive, with a strong record on financial regulation and criminal finance reform.


3) Amy Klobuchar: Another Democratic star in the Senate. The second-term Minnesota lawmaker is a strong proponent of family oriented policy and could help Clinton carry the Midwest, an area where Donald Trump is trying to make a strong play to pick up voters. The choice is also appealing to Democrats since they would likely be able to retain her Senate seat if she were to depart.


4) Julián Castro: On paper, Castro seemed like the top choice for Clinton’s VP pick. He is the former mayor of San Antonio and is currently the secretary of US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Castro would also help Clinton secure the Latino vote in key states like Florida, Nevada and Colorado, all of which are states with high Latino populations. Castro, much like Booker, would also help appeal to younger voters.


5) Sherrod Brown: The selection of Senator Brown also would have solidified the importance of the Midwest to the election. No Republican has won the presidency without winning Ohio, and by having the senator from that state, Clinton for sure would have boosted her poll numbers in the swing state. Brown would also appeal to progressive voters. The main problem with having Brown as a VP would mean that his Senate seat would likely be filled by a Republican.


6) Selina Meyer: Played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the perennial up-the-creek without a paddle VP on HBO’s Veep is blunt, kind, and cunning. She is essentially the opposite of Hillary Clinton and could honestly help court voters who are leaning toward Trump because he “speaks his mind.” Plus she never lets her emotions get in the way of doing what has to be done for the greater good.


7) Donald Blythe: Portrayed by Reed Birney on the Netflix hit House of Cards, Blythe is a hardcore liberal who is revered for his work in the field of education. The choice of having someone so liberal would appeal to those thinking about voting for the Green Party.


8) Al Franken: Enough said