A Look Back at Making Movies’ A La Deriva

The Latin rock band’s latest album in a nutshell

Meredith Atwater | Flickr

Meredith Atwater | Flickr

Last year, fusion rock band Making Movies released a new album, and it grooved harder than ever. Between Spanish and English lyrics and the use of a vast array of Latin-American influenced percussion and rhythms, the group creates a truly unique sound that will satisfy anyone’s appetite for a more exotic listening experience.

I had the pleasure of seeing the band live last year at the Des Moines World Food and Music Festival, and was immediately drawn to their original sound and funky stage presence. While seeing them perform was certainly a thrill, the next best thing would be to take a listen to their feel-good album A La Deriva.

One thing that especially stands out on the record is the fluidity of each track, meandering from section to section smoothly and diving into the grooviest breakdowns when you least expect it. For example, the tail end of “Hasta El Día De Mi Muerte” in which the dense percussion and driving tempo folds inward on itself into a funky and sparse jam until it dissipates. Also worth mentioning is the dark riff that emerges out of nowhere on “Te Estaba Buscando” that gradually develops into a solemn outro, ending the track powerfully.

These little nuggets of sound are the gems scattered throughout the album that puts the listener in the middle of a montage scene from Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. So do yourself a favor and take a listen to Making Movies’ A La Deriva because this group provides a change of pace you won’t soon forget.