Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None”

The new Netflix original series is definitely binge-worthy

As I peel myself out of bed and forcibly refocus my eyes after a legendary 5-hour-long binge of Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix original series “Master of None,” I find myself with one question: Did a 5-foot-tall Indian dude with a leather motorcycle jacket and a pasta addiction just change my life?

“Master of None” is essentially a modern love story. The series starts off by introducing us to Dev (Ansari), an aspiring actor looking for love in New York City. As the show progresses, the storyline shifts from a vague and somewhat dull narration of Dev’s search for love to an in-depth and vibrantly realistic depiction of his romantic relationship with a woman named Rachel, played by Noel Wells. Like a real couple, the two argue about everything from the correct way to dispense toothpaste to whether or not they have a future together. Wells and Ansari have fantastic chemistry and their witty, effortless interactions are so well-acted and realistic I have to wonder whether the two are involved in real life.

Facebook | Master of None

Facebook | Master of None

Although “Master of None” seems to be primarily a love story, it shows its versatility and finesse when it tackles heavier topics such as the representation of non-white racial groups in the media, the plight of the modern woman, and the dynamics of infidelity in relationships. Although these topics are slightly controversial, any tension they create is immediately diffused by Ansari’s blunt and unapologetic humor. These sticky subjects, as well as the show’s more romantic aspects, are handled with grace and an admirable respect for the truth.

Even if love stories aren’t your style, I would still recommend you check out “Master of None.” The show might not hook you right away, but soon enough the high-quality humor and substantial themes will have you just as addicted to it as Ansari is addicted to pasta.