An Ear-Opening Performance by The Staves

The British folk trio brought shivers to a sellout crowd at the Fitzgerald Theater

It was a night to remember at the Fitzgerald Theatre, as the British folk trio, The Staves, delivered a masterful performance to a St. Paul crowd on Tuesday, November 1.

In what can only be described as magical and therapeutic, the Stavely-Taylor’s unique voices coalesced into one incredible sound that only sisters can make, a sound I didn’t even know humans could possibly create.

Illustrator: Taylor Daniels

Illustrator: Taylor Daniels

My only experience with the Staves prior to the show was briefly listening to a few songs a few hours prior, so this was largely a first experience for me. Safe to say, the trio left one hell of a first impression. They brought a sense of warmth and comfort in a cool and kind fashion. Their stage banter was personable and witty. I felt like I was just hanging out with some cool (and extremely talented) friends rather than seeing a concert in a classy, sit-down venue.

The band played through the majority of their catalogue, including their bigger hits: Teeth White and Mexico. There was variety, from the quiet Steady to the upbeat and rock-based Black and White. The band also took advantage of technology, by looping their own vocal tracks to induce the crowd into a hypnotic haze during Let Me Down. Each song was filled with such emotion and intensity that it was impossible to not hear an audience member utter “wow” under their breath after every song.

The only thing that kept the show from being flawless was a chipped nail. But all that did was confirm that The Staves are indeed human after all.