How to Find the Perfect Stuffed Animal

We’ve all had them, cherished them, fallen in love with them—stuffed animals,. They’re one of the first friends you have so it is of the utmost importance that you select the right one. There are teddies, stuffed seals, cats, snakes, cheetahs, elephants, platypi, and more! How will you be sure that you’ve chosen the right one? Here you’ll find some useful tips to make sure you find the correct future friend for you!


1) Do some preliminary research.

Flickr | John Morgan

Flickr | John Morgan

You don’t want to be that person who stands in the middle of the store looking distressed while digging painstakingly through the animal bin at Walmart. There are so many possibilities when it comes to selecting a stuffed animal, so make sure you buy the correct one. Some questions to keep in mind are:  Spotted or solidcolored? Fluffy or furry? A large animal or an animal that you can fit in your pocket? Only after answering these questions are you ready to go to the store.


2) Pull ideas from real-life experiences.

If you had to picture yourself with a real animal, what would it be? Pulling from real life-experiences can be the key to you finding your perfect mate. Additionally, what is your favorite animal? If you envision your favorite animal, odds are that is the kind of animal you would like to buy and cherish as a forever friend.


3) Think outside of the box.

Flickr | Matthew Romagnoli

Flickr | Matthew Romagnoli

Don’t always go for the obvious choice. If you can’t decide between two animals or if you want something a little more bright than your average critter (say, cobalt blue?), that’s okay. Try drawing a picture and invent a new animal depending on which qualities you like best. Want a flying wolf? Those stuffed animals are out there! Don’t limit your stuffed animal choices based on domestic, “real” animals. If you think outside of the box, you’re more likely to leave the store with an animal you love rather than just an animal you tolerate.


4) Go to the store.

Don’t only visit the big chain stores. Check out thrift stores or garage sales to find your new best friend, too. Sometimes the best animals are ones that have been stitched up and redecorated with love.


5) Give up all hope and just go to Build-A-Bear.

Flickr | Yuichi Sakuraba

Flickr | Yuichi Sakuraba

Let’s face it, no one’s better at selecting the best companion than Build-A-Bear. Why? Because you’re the one in charge. Although they are a chain, they have many options and styles to choose from. You’re also the one that gets to bring your critter to life; you can even ensure that your new friend has a heart put in it so that he or she can love you back just as much as you’ll love them.


6) Love your animal.

After coming back from the store with your animal, don’t forget to love them. Dress them up or dress them down; this animal is now officially yours. Also, don’t forget to name your animal so he or she doesn’t go through personal identity disorder—they want to make a place in this world, too.