It’s the Most “Fomo” Time of the Year…

“Because we have all experienced what it’s like to feel like we’re missing out and I’m here to let you know you’re not alone.”

Okay so I should probably start off by giving you all a little definition of “fomo” if you’re not familiar with the term. “Fomo” is an abbreviation for the fear of missing out. It is a term I first encountered about a year ago, when one of my friends claimed to be experiencing this feeling. She had been receiving many postcards from her friends who were studying abroad and traveling the world. She felt as if she was missing out while going through her daily life here in Minnesota. With a time like spring break approaching, this is something I feel like I’ve witnessed in many of my peers. Hence, “It’s the most ‘fomo’ time of the year.”

We live in a world of constant updating of social media posts, and as college students, sometimes this can make life feel incomplete. “Fomo” is a true feeling that can eat at your subconscious and make you foster self-doubt. You don’t have enough money to go on spring break, but all your friends are planning a road trip–“fomo.” You had to work all weekend and couldn’t make it to that party that you saw in all your snaps–“fomo.” We follow accounts of young people who look like they are constantly having the time of their lives, traveling, eating at extravagant restaurants, and going to Broadway shows, “fomo.” Last fall semester, I was not enrolled in school; I had two full-time jobs, working about 60 hours a week. There were many times that I thought to myself, why am I working? I could be doing so much more with my time. I would see my friends traveling and having fun, and there I was working my younger years away.

The thing about “fomo” is that you’re not alone. If I have learned anything from this form of fear, it is that there are tons people who feel the same way, having these exact thoughts while going about their daily lives. What you should take away from this feeling is not the negativity that goes into these thoughts, but the positivity that you are producing by working toward those goals of traveling or whatever dreams you may have. Those long weekends of what seem like endless work should be what keep you from losing sight in these hopes for your future. This is the attitude that I have adopted, and I hope you chose to do the same.

These are the most overwhelming but exciting years of our lives as college students, so don’t fret over whether you did or didn’t go out last weekend or if you’re hanging back for spring break. We still have so many years with so much life to offer. Enjoy the ride.


Hope you’re all having a wonderful week,