Fortnightly Photographs: Abandoning the Abandonment

Saying goodbye to one of the coolest places in Minneapolis

A few weeks ago, I went on a trip down memory lane. I walked out of my final class of the week in need of a few photos for another one of my classes. Heading back home, I decided to pay a visit to the abandoned mill complex that sits right across the street from my apartment. It was a place I frequented so often my freshman year that it felt like a second home. Knowing that the mills were in their final days, I needed some closure. I walked around the outside first, cautiously as to not attract attention. I meandered over to a wide field that sat between two massive grain silos and sat in the grass. It was very relaxing. But before I knew it, I was climbing the stairs to the top of one of the towers, and I found myself overlooking the entire city. It was a majestic view I hadn’t seen in nearly two years, and boy did I miss it. Nostalgia rushed through my veins as I stared off at the Minneapolis skyline rising up above campus—looking the other way, St. Paul’s skyline sat in the distance. The athletes practicing for track and field far below appeared as miniscule figures. I felt like I was at the top of the world. There’s something really neat about observing the world from above. I’m thankful that I managed to find this place. It’s a view most will never have the chance to see. And I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the best in the entire city. I fear for the day when I hear the booms and bangs of the wrecking ball, but I know that day will be here soon. So enjoy these photos, since they will soon be irreplaceable.