Get Your Freaky On

We’ve rounded up some of the Twin City-area’s best haunted attractions to hit up this Halloween season (if you’re brave enough)

Cera Sylar

Cera Sylar

It’s that time of year again, when the brave of heart throw down cash to wander through darkened hallways and get ambushed by strangers in masks. Whether you’re a Halloweenie or a seasoned haunted house veteran, The Wake has got your back with a list of some of the most scream-worthy Halloween attraction in the Twin Cities area. Round up your friends and check one out before the spookiest of seasons ends – if you dare.

The Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement

When a haunted house is not only 18+, but requires visitors to sign a safety waiver, you know it’s going to be good. Back for its eighth year, The Soap Factory’s artist-created haunted house creates sensory scare experience in the basement of the historic Minneapolis soap factory turned art gallery. Guests are required to wear unsettling white masks during this year’s production, corresponding with the “Unhinged” theme. Overestimate your scare-tolerance? Don’t worry, ‘fraidy cats – there’s a safe word. The Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement runs through November 2. Tickets are $25-$27, and can be purchased at

Scream Town

One of Minnesota’s largest Halloween attractions, Chaska’s Scream Town is home to two terrifying mazes, a freakish side show, two haunted houses and two haunted woods. One of the wooded attractions, Abandoned, sends the most daring visitors out alone into the woods, accompanied only by a small lantern. If you’re feeling up to that one, however, you’ll need to sign a waiver – the woods’ ghoulish inhabitants are allowed to reach out and touch visitors. Scream Town runs Friday – Sunday through November  1. Tickets range from $20-$55 (with cheaper tickets on special Coupon Nights for us thrifty college kids!) and can be purchased online at

The Haunting Experience on Highway 61

Located in Cottage Grove, alongside its namesake highway, the Haunting Experience on Highway 61 is in its 28th year of scaring Twin Cities residents. The “Experience” includes a haunted house, mile-long hayride and an additional clown-themed 3D, glow in the dark hayride. For an additional fee, the Haunting Experience also offers zombie paintball hunting, where visitors can go all Zombieland on actors dressed as zombies. The Haunting Experience runs through November 1. Tickets run from $19 for a basic entry and $29 for a fast pass, or $30-$40 for combination haunted house and zombie hunting tickets. Find out more at h