The Ladies of LASKA

Throughout music history there have been plenty of bands whose members are made up of brothers—The Beach Boys, The Bee Gees, The Jackson 5—but how many “all sister” groups can you name off the top of your head? Try local, up and coming alternative rock band LASKA, formerly known as the Morton Sisters.  

While the band started with Hannah, Bex, and Mookie Morton and their love for music, now they’ve expanded their membership to include Evan Middlesworth on guitar, Ethan Schmidt on bass, and Zach Brawford on drums. The addition of three males hasn’t taken away from the “girl power” vibes these three sisters seem to carry, though.

LASKA's Hannah, Bex, and Mookie perform onstage

Photo: Sophie Stephens

For the Morton sisters, writing and performing music is not just a hobby. It is their path to inspiration and self-fulfillment that they hope to transform into a life-long career. With inspirations from Ella Fitzgerald, to Radiohead, to Ellie Goulding, LASKA definitely incorporates a wide variety of musical styles and genres into their music.

Remarkably, all three sisters are currently full time students in addition to pursuing their musical aspirations. On the upside, the busy busy life has already brought them some amazing life experiences which are reflected in their lyrics. Their lyrics and music touch on some of the deepest and raw emotions we feel in our day to day lives and are guaranteed to move your soul.

When I was asking the group about the “roles” each one has in the band, they decided to do so by answering for each other. Hannah is the planner; she gets the business side of things done, which makes sense considering she is currently studying biology at UW-Eau Claire—you need to be meticulous for that. As an interior design major at UW-Stout, Bex has claimed her eye for design, so she’s the one her in charge of marketing the band as it moves forward. For Mookie, well …  Mookie makes the band gel; she holds them together. Her peaceful nature and empathetic soul is what keeps things balanced during stressful times for the band.

With this strong trio at the core of the band, they were able to expand to six and take on new opportunities with ease. Their first full length album of all original songs will be released in May. Before that, in April, they’re opening for for S. Carey Bon Iver’s drummer.

This group is definitely one to keep your eyes out and ears open for, so make sure to follow this trio-times-two as they continue making their imprint on the music world.

Check out LASKA’s upcoming performance at The Wake’s Birthday Concert, March 23. They will be joined by local groups Early Eyes and Stone Arch Isles. Doors open at 8 p.m. with the show at 8:30 p.m.; $5 pre-sale, $10 at the door; Triple Rock, 629 Cedar Ave. S, Mpls.;