Who Wore it Better?

College student edition

By: Nina Raemont


The Lazy Student 

This procrastinating student stunts joggers that have been worn for 48 hours straight, a coffee stained sweatshirt, and Ugg’s that were fashionable in 2010. The accompanying accessories include a chemistry textbook that hasn’t been opened since the Gopher football team won the Big Ten championship and a can of Red Bull.

Who wore it better.png


The competing outfit involves saggy gray sweatpants, a graphic tee with faint traces of pizza grease, a flannel to cover said grease, and mismatched Converse. This student also rocks under eye circles and leftover drool from the nap they just took. 


Although both outfits embody the quintessential tired college student, I have to give it to outfit #2; not many students can rock a pizza grease stain with such poise.


The Art Student

This outfit epitomizes the latte-chugging, Wes Anderson-watching art student we all know and love. She wears plaid pants paired with a 90’s style graphic tee and complements the look with Dr. Martens. She carries a Moleskine journal in her hand and dons a Canon camera around her neck.


Outfit #2 consists of black and white striped pants paired with a classic jean jacket and sweater combo. Checkered Vans complete the look.


I would say outfit #1 truly depicts the classic Fjällräven Kanken backpack-carrying art student that has stolen our heart one too many times. This outfit made me want to go home and listen to Beach House’s latest album and curl up next to my favorite poetry book, “Milk and Honey.”


The Student Athlete


Outfit #1 screams “the grind never stops.” Maroon and gold is dripping off of every inch of this student athlete. This student flaunts a flashy maroon zip-up with Lululemon leggings. Their personal motto is all Nike everything.


The second outfit is simpler: a classic U of M tee worn on top paired with some black sweatpants on bottom. After a hard workout, there’s nothing better than chilling out in some sweat-stained active wear.


#2 somehow convinced me to buy out all of Target’s “athleta fit” section, so they win this round of “Who Wore it Better?” 

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