Pixels and Hip hop

A performance by Compagnie Käfig

By: Monae Ferguson


The worldwide performing dance company, Compagnie Käfig, performed on November 3 at Northrop Auditorium at the University of Minnesota. This was their second time in Minneapolis. They used original hip hop movements to showcase craftsmanship and digital pixels on a giant stage to enhance the movements during the show.

Illustration by: Jen Moss

Illustration by: Jen Moss


The show’s title, “Pixel,” emphasizes virtual technology incorporated in circus, martial arts, aerobics and aerial dance. The artistic direction and choreography were developed by Mourad Merzouki, who has been relevant in the hip-hop scene since the 1990s.


It was an intriguing work of art in the world of dance and was free and open to University of Minnesota students to enjoy. The soothing sounds combined with rhythmic movement and lighting from the digital dots created an amazing story for viewers. “Pixel” is a look into what we can expect from choreographers collaborating with graphic design teams to create wondrous work, much like the dramatic and elaborate stage performances in shows like Cirque Du Soleil.


Compagnie Käfig incorporates worldwide styles of dance, which can be seen as a way to boost inclusivity in the arts. Styles of dance from different parts of the world flow together elegantly, creating a seamless multicultural performance. Compagnie Käfig’s show is one of several productions in Northrop’s 2018-2019 performance season, most of which are free to students by reserving a ticket.


These events can be a conversation starter for students looking to make friends, a couple wanting to try something new for a date night, or someone looking to broaden their horizons in other cultures. Whichever option applies to you, “Pixel” would be the show to see.

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