Bonchon Brings Korean Fried Chicken to Minneapolis

“KFC” takes on an entirely new meaning.

By: Sylvia Rani


Bonchon has arrived.


The Korean-style fried chicken joint has been a favorite on the coasts for years now, and it has finally come to Minneapolis. I had the joy of visiting the Uptown location situated on Lake and Hennepin. My friends and I went on a Thursday night, and the place was packed. The vibe of the restaurant is modern-casual, with sleek wooden tables and black-and-white photos lining the walls. The crowd was a mixture of families with babies and millennials snapping photos for Instagram. The menu was extensive; a mix of classic Korean dishes like bibimbap alongside Asian fusion dishes like Korean tacos. Despite the available options, we already knew exactly what we came for: chicken wings.



Bonchon offers two marinade options when it comes to chicken wings: spicy or soy garlic. We got both. The wings came with a small bowl of cubed radish. Biting into these wings was a heavenly experience. The outside was perfectly crispy while the inside was moist and juicy. The breading is not as heavy as American chicken wings; it’s more like a light coating that does not overpower the flavor of the chicken. My friend described the soy wings as “sweet and savory, a bit like lemon chicken but with more crunch.” The spicy wings had a similar citrus taste but with a decent amount of heat that left us with dragon breath. My friends found themselves in need of multiple water refills. The radish was the perfect complement, providing a refreshing break from the heat of the wings.


Luckily, Bonchon will not be exclusive to Uptown. Another location is posed to open in Dinkytown in place of the old Vescio’s, bringing the joy of Korean fried chicken to the University of Minnesota community.

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