Not Your Grandmother’s Fall Activities

Ditch those pumpkin spice lattes

By: Olivia Hultgren


Albeit one of the most beautiful, fall is also one of the shortest seasons in Minnesota. That means there’s only limited time to indulge in spontaneous pumpkin patch visits, piping hot mugs of apple cider, and one last trip to Minnehaha. Before everything freezes over, here are some ways you can shake up your fall routine. 


Hitch a Bird down East River Road


E-scooters aren’t just around for carting you to class. Hop on and head south down East River Road toward St. Paul. With the ole Mississippi to your right and vibrant spurts of maple trees to your left, even the brisk wind cutting through your sweater can’t stop you. Take a break at the Lake Street bridge to admire Minneapolis over the water. 


Have a pumpkin cooking night


The time for carving Jack-O-Lanterns may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use your leftover pumpkin. With the help of Pinterest, pumpkin recipes abound, from classics like pumpkin pie to more adventurous fare like pumpkin spice soup and pumpkin cheesecake bars. And don’t forget, you can toast the seeds.


Stroll through the Landscape Arboretum


Fall colors line stone pathways at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Enter over 1,200 acres of beautiful plant collections, woods, and walking trails in a giant botanical garden nearly 60 years old. The best part? It’s free admission for U of M students. 


Jump in a leaf pile


There’s nothing more satisfying than plopping into a giant pile of crunchy red and brown leaves, especially when you need to blow off steam from that last physics test. Fallen leaves litter parks like the Knoll on campus and Van Cleve down the road. Embrace your inner 8-year-old and rake up a storm.


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