Eggroll Queen Music Cafe

Your new favorite spot in Falcon Heights

By Sylvia Rani

All hail Mai Vang, the egg roll queen of the Twin Cities. After a series of trying events, the resilient queen has finally secured a permanent home for her delicious cooking and community-focused mission.

After Vang unexpectedly lost her hearing in 2013, she began making egg rolls to cope with her stress. She sold them at local fundraiser events and grew her business until she could get a food truck. Operating during warmer months of the year, the Eggroll Queen truck brought jumbo-sized homemade egg rolls of all different varieties to community events around the Twin Cities. Then one day, while raising money for her grandmother’s funeral, Vang’s food truck caught fire and was rendered unusable. The devastating incident put her out of business for months. That is, until fellow food truck owners Amy and Will Cave from GrillWorks started up a GoFundMe page for her. Thanks to the strong support of her community, Vang surpassed her goal and was able to get a new food truck up and running within the year.

And her business victories didn’t end there. As of the grand opening on October 5th, Vang finally got her own cafe in Falcon Heights, where she can serve her delicious egg rolls all year long. Eggroll Queen Music Cafe also hosts regular open mic and live music events. Vang’s business has certainly come a long way—from selling egg rolls in her living room to becoming a sit-down restaurant and center for community gathering. And with such a wide variety of egg rolls (the Queen even offers philly cheesesteak rolls), there is no doubt an egg roll to suit everyone in the kingdom.

You can visit the Eggroll Queen Cafe at its new location: 1579 Hamline Avenue N. Try the strawberry cream cheese dessert rolls—you won’t regret it!

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