I’m Missin’ It

The end of a McEra, and the start of a new apartment complex

By Luciana DiVito

To my sweetest hello, to my hardest farewell, to my local Mcdonalds... 

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had you in my life. But it’s not just your unreasonably low costs that make me feel lucky—it’s every time I see a gaggle of students on a late night fry binge or a post football game pow-wow. I feel lucky when I walk through your doors and receive an unenthusiastic welcome from a sea of employees paid minimum wage. I feel lucky when I sit in your booths, surrounded by friends and quarter pounders. And I felt especially lucky when I first came to the University of Minnesota, thinking you would be there for me all four years. I want this feeling to last forever, to remember that good times aren’t dictated by how much money I spend or how fancy a place is. It is merely this feeling of fun and completeness that you have always provided me alongside your great prices. It is difficult for me to express everything I am feeling, especially with the prospect of your expulsion from Dinkytown looming ominously overhead. You are a diamond in the rough, a needle in a haystack, the beating heart of Dinkytown. I am typing this letter with my tears—tears so fat that they fall with the strength of a finger. The possibility of your removal will not only affect me but thousands of others who shall be forced to take their hungry bellies and empty wallets elsewhere. 

These words are only a small measure of my love for you. During these next few months, I shall pound back every Big Mac as if it will be my last—because it might be.

Yours Forever, Lucci

Wake Mag