Best Meats: From Sausage to Steak

“It’s not a meal if meat isn’t involved.” - A carnivorous dad

By Megan Hoff


There is a meat for every occasion and an occasion for every meat. But how do you choose the best one? Here’s a list of red meats so you can find the perfect protein to meet your grilling needs.

best meats.png


Steak: a given. Good for any meal, especially fancy ones or when you need to prove to Brad that you’re the best griller on the cul-de-sac. Don’t forget the A1 sauce.


Bacon: what you bring home, and also what should be served for breakfast every morning. Tender or crispy, these strips are heavenly treasures that can be cooked to perfection on your George Foreman grill.


Sausage: another breakfast stable. Beautiful tubes (or patties) of flavor. Goes well with eggs, hash browns, and pancakes. Bonus meat points if bacon is also served.


Hamburger: perfect for summertime. No better way to break in those KEENS than flipping burgers on the grill. Moist, juicy, and can be paired with other meats, like bacon, for maximum meatiness.


Beef jerky: the ideal pick-me-up for a dad on the go. Whether you’re going to check out new grills at your local Home Depot or picking up your kid from football practice, beef jerky is a car snack essential.


Summer sausage: perfect for camping trips. Durable, flavorful, and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Hardcore meat.


Hotdog: it’s endorsed by Mitt Romney (it’s his favorite, in fact). For your convenience, they are also easy to eat while you yell at your son during his tee-ball game.


Turkey bacon: not real bacon. Avoid this disgraceful excuse for meat at all costs.

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