How to Identify a Dad Friend

We’ve all heard about mom friends—but what about dads?

By: Hannah Dove


Almost everyone has heard of the ‘mom’ friend; Buzzfeed has multiple articles identifying their common traits. Reliable, over-prepared, and a worry-wart, mom friends are some of the only rational and responsible people within a group, reminding us all to drink water and nursing us back from the brink when we’re sick. But what about another group archetype: the dad friend?


According to slang capstone Urban Dictionary, a dad friend is “a friend similar to the mom friend… typically more fun and gives meaningful advice in most situations. Won't always be the nicest but is still a friend that cares deeply about you.” This description can still be fleshed out—dad friends are separate entities from mom friends and should be treated as such.


So, what entails being a dad friend? Well, let’s start with how to spot one out in the wild. Dad friends normally maintain a similar attire to traditional dads: Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts (the more pockets the better), baggy sweaters, baseball caps, large sunglasses, socks with sandals, and unique ties. Comfort over fashion is the modus operandi of a dad friend. 


But it’s not just looks—a dad friend isn’t skin deep. It’s the character that drives the choices of the clothing. Dad friends are often seen cheering on sports teams, napping anywhere, or participating in fatherly rites of passage including fishing, fixing cars, or grilling. Dad friends also participate in a form of humor known colloquially as dad jokes: most of the time, the punchline involves, “Hello __________, I’m dad.” They then proceed to chuckle to themselves for extended periods of time. But above all: dad friends are always there for advice, whether you want it or not. They’ll support you wholeheartedly, even if they’re just along for the ride.

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