Local Dad Creates a Twitter Account—Chaos Ensues

One unsuspecting dad’s tweets go viral

By: Tosin Faseemo


After spontaneously deciding to create a Twitter account, local dad Ron Sanders, 48, found himself at the center of online controversy. “I didn’t mean to cause any harm,” Sanders said. “Honestly, I didn’t think anyone would even find my account.” 


Twitter Dad.png

The father of four joined the popular social media network in an attempt to find an easy way to stay updated on his favorite sports teams and figure out what was relevant with his kids. “It started off pretty innocent,” explained Sanders’ 18 year-old-daughter, Lydia. “He would go online and look at the trending topics, then casually ask us if we’d heard what Lana Del Ray had been up to today. It was nice to see him try to connect with us. I just wish he had never started posting tweets of his own.”


Sanders’ tweeting habit developed into a near-addiction, resulting in him posting tweets every day, multiple times a day. According to his wife, Sharon, “His initials tweets were pretty tame. He said things like ‘just walked the dog!’ and ‘boy, it sure is hot out today!! #hot #summer #spf50.’ But then he started making long Twitter threads on more controversial topics, and other people took notice.” 


These controversial topics ranged from ‘most ideal socks to wear with sandals’ to ‘best type of hats to wear fishing.’ “Once I got in a week-long argument with someone over whether hot dogs were better than hamburgers,” Sanders said proudly. “It cost more time and effort than it was worth, but at least I stood up for what I believed in. I know my opinions can be a little unpopular, but I feel like someone has to say it. If I get in trouble for that, oh well.”

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