Esther Chan

Voices Editor

Caffeine Preference? Coffee, Coffee, Tea, or Coffee

Type of Milk? Skim milk from cows

Why did you join the Wake? I wanted the opportunity to write more creatively and opinionated in a way that promotes student voices and celebrates both the seriousness and lightheartedness of life.

Unpopular Opinion? Jim and Pam from The Office weren't actually that great. Also Parks and Recreation is way better than The Office.

What are you excited about? I'm just so ready for the holidays...

What would you like to make a documentary about? A documentary researching the best dog breeds with legitimate empirical evidence

Activity you enjoyed as a child? Taking stones from the neighbor's yard to pretend I was grabbing McDonald's for my dad

2 animals that would make you? an owl and dolphin: simultaneously multi-functional and completely useless

If you were an infomercial what infomercial would you be? Flex Tape (where that one man aggressively slaps tape over holes repeatedly)