Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator brought the artistic triumph of his album “IGOR” to life in his exceptionally energetic show at The Armory on Sept. 2.

By Erin Wilson

Tyler, the Creator didn’t have to move for the crowd to lose their voices screaming as he appeared on stage. Dressed in a neon yellow-green suit, a blond, bowl-cut wig, and rectangular sunglasses, he posed motionless in front of a shimmery silver backdrop as the floor began to shake. As the beat dropped, he broke into chaotic dancing, flailing his arms and flying across the stage. 

On the second stop of his North American tour for his album “IGOR,” released last May, Tyler brought a crowd sizzling with energy to The Armory on September 2. Openers GoldLink and Jaden Smith riled up the crowd for Tyler’s entrance; Jaden dedicated the performance of his hit song “ICON” to Tyler, saying it summed up who he is. 

Playing songs dating all the way back to his album “Goblin” in 2011, Tyler put on an energetic and entertaining performance. “I THINK” was an almost out-of-body experience, with soft red light flooding the room as the crowd made the floor bounce and echoed Tyler’s voice singing “I think I’m falling in love, this time I think it’s for real.” The crowd’s energy exploded during songs like “EARFQUAKE,” “Who Dat Boy,” and “OKRA,” with people jumping so hard they nearly toppled each other over. 

During “See You Again,” the screen behind Tyler filled with an army of identically dressed clones of him in blue suits and blonde wigs. He marched and moved in time with them, creating a trippy illusion and eliciting screams from the crowd. 

Tyler closed out his set with “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS,” the final song of the “IGOR” album. The song had a gospel choir-like magic, ringing through The Armory in a way that felt almost otherworldly. Despite having run around the stage all night, Tyler maintained his energy until the very end. He filled the venue with his scream at the end of the song and jumped several feet into the air, landing on his knees for a dramatic finale. He brought the vibrancy, vulnerability and artistic triumph of “IGOR” to life.

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