Hannah Haakenson

Copy editor

Caffeine Preference? A strong cup of black coffee in the morning is just what I need! Otherwise, if I wanna taste autumn in a cup, I'm a sucker for a PSL.

Type of Milk? Can almond milk count as an answer here? I've been apart of some heated debates that it should be called "almond juice" instead of "almond milk"

Why did you join the Wake? I absolutely love working for a student-run organization that focuses on empowering student voices and getting their ideas and stories out to the community.

Unpopular Opinion? Editing papers is SO fun... like what a rush:)

Your best Spotify playlist title? Folk It

What are you excited about right now? I am excited that fall is finally in full swing!!

What would you like to make a documentary about? Making friends all around the world

Activity you enjoyed as a child? Making mud pies for the squirrels to eat (...they never ate them)

2 animals that would make you? A capuchin monkey + a bunny

Would you rather have everyone else's voice be Siri or your voice be Siri? I definitely would want everyone else's voice to be Siri... could not listen to my own voice for longer than 30 seconds

Instagram: @hannah_haak