Kelsey Hanscom


Caffeine Preference? English breakfast tea or diet coke

Why did you join the Wake? I love design and want to make work for/be a part of something I'm proud of.

Unpopular Opinion? Pineapple on pizza smacks

Song that is the theme song of your life right now? Get you high - HARBOUR

Your best Spotify playlist title? Quit being sad, stupid

Best on-or-near campus eatery? Bona bc their pho is amazing

What are you excited about right now? Holiday season is here!!

What would you like to make a documentary about?The night sky or dine in restaurants or my hometown or minnesota seasons or 800 other things

Most vital thing you've ever forgotten for a vacation? Nothing I am an elite list-maker

First Celebrity Crush? Miles Teller

Activity you enjoyed as a child? Swimming!! Still a great activity.

If you were an infomercial what infomercial would you be? Any of those kid art kits with every art supply imaginable

Instagram: @helllllsey (5 L's lol)

Twitter: @queenkelso