Letter from the Managing Editor

Hey there reader,


Now that I have your attention, I would formally like to thank you for deciding to take a look at this wonderful student-run magazine from the great state of Minnesota (you know, that place where it started to snow on Oct. 14).


Webster’s Dictionary does not have a definition for The Wake. But if it did, it would probably be

The Wake: (T͟Hə wāk), n. Magazine with 24 color-printed pages founded in the early 2000s that gives students a platform to be heard.”


Now comes the paragraph where I start to get sentimental about my time here, seeing as I am in my senior year and all that jazz.


It was a little over two years ago that I was starting to find my writing style at the U. I still remember the first story I picked up here — it was about how protest voting during the 2016 election would not shake-up the two party system. Fun fact: it did not shake up anything.


Since then, I’ve had dozens of bylines for various sections of the Wake on topics ranging from breaking down political issues to reviews on R.E.M. (the world’s greatest band). I also had the pleasure of being a Copy Editor last year. So AP style errors haunt me every night.


Now look at me — I get to curate the feature for every issue this year. The one for this issue is on a monthly comedy show on West Bank. It is well worth at least five reads and going to an upcoming show.


I also highly recommend that you read the rest of this wonderful magazine from our amazing and diverse core of writers and interns. The art is also really cool.


With love,

Chris Shea

Managing Editor (Employee of the Month, October 2018)

Wake Mag