Letter from the Cities Editor

Dear reader,

Congratulations! You’ve picked up The Wake’s last issue of the semester, which means you’re most likely procrastinating studying for final exams, suffering from writer’s block, or avoiding your latest group project. Just remember, this is what you’ve been training for all semester (and by this, I mean the holiday season - I see you, gift exchanges). 

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I don’t know about you, but I’m thoroughly enjoying this crisp, cool introduction to winter, pretending that in a few weeks I won’t be walking outside to find that my face hurts. It’s a funny thing, living in Minnesota, to be rejoicing in the snow’s beauty one minute and cursing the icy sidewalks the next. It’s that time of year again, dare I say, the most wonderful time of the year, when we all struggle to suppress our excitement that winter break is coming because we have finals. Finals. 

It’s also that time of year when we’re all feeling particularly grateful, which is why I encourage all of you to take a break from studying, and to spend time with those who make you happy. Whether they be friends, family, your pet rock, or a half-full carton of Market Pantry eggnog, we could all use the energy quality time with others gives us, even if it is just that post-eggnog sugar rush. But what sorts of activities shall we do, you might ask? 

Fortunately, as Cities Editor of The Wake, it’s my job to know what’s happening around Minneapolis and St. Paul. The annual Holidazzle festivities kicked off a few weeks ago in Downtown Minneapolis, where local food, ice skating, and barrels of hot chocolate await. At Holiday parties abound, snowball fights ensue, and Christmas cookie-making provides a fantastic stress-baking opportunity for all. Norway House is holding its annual Gingerbread Wonderland exhibit, where you can build your own gingerbread house (shameless Cities plug, see page8[TA1] ).

If none of those strike your fancy, hey, there’s always The Christmas Prince on Netflix. 

Olivia Hultgren

Cities Editor

Wake Mag