Macie Rasmussen

Executive Director

Type of Milk? Oat milk - Oatly brand

Why did you join the Wake? During my freshman year, I just wanted to try writing a story! And I was so scared to walk into the meeting room in Folwell that I almost puked (facts).

Song that is the theme song of your life right now? Pressure to Party (Julia Jacklin) or In Between Plans (Your Smith) or Doing the Unstuck (The Cure)

Your best Spotify playlist title? *punches hole in drywall*

What are you excited about? I'm excited to see all the art and writing that our staff, interns, and freelancers do for every issue. Seriously, with each issue that comes out, I'm incredibly proud that we created it together.

First Celebrity Crush? David from Lilo & Stitch

Activity you enjoyed as a child? I loved collecting walnuts from my backyard.

2 animals that would make you? Llama and poodle

If you were an infomercial what infomercial would you be? Shamwow

Instagram: @macie.rasmussen