Morgan Wittmers-Graves

creative director

Caffeine Preference? Cold Brew Coffee

Type of Milk? Oat milk

Why did you join the Wake? I liked drawing and I wanted to be a part of something.

Unpopular opinion? Fourth of July is the worst holiday

Song that is the theme song of your life right now? MEGALOVANIA - Undertale

Your best Spotify playlist title? Angsty August

Best on-or-near campus eatery? My Burger

What are you excited about right now? Getting done with school

What would you like to make a documentary about? People who don't know how to boil water learning how to cook

Most vital thing you've ever forgotten for a vacation? Headphones

First celebrity crush? Eddie Redmayne

2 animals that would make you? A turtle and a squirrel

If you were an infomercial what infomercial would you be? Shee Wee

Would you rather have everyone else's voice be Siri or your voice be Siri? Everyone else's voice be siri

Instagram: @morgana_graves