BROCKHAMPTON - “iridescence”

By: Macie Rasmussen

The main concern that fans seem to have about BROCKHAMPTON’s new album, “iridescence,” is that the title is hard to spell. This release follows the “Saturation” trilogy that propelled the group into dominance of the rap scene. All three projects were released between June and December 2017. Kevin Abstract, the unofficial leader of the group, tried informing fans through a tweet that they should not expect another “Saturation”-esque album.

Illustration by Grace Scherwenka

Illustration by Grace Scherwenka

It’s true, “iridescence” lacks the consistently catchy hooks that drew many to “Saturation.” Yet, it’s clear that the themes on this album are more cohesive, probably because this is the first album in which the members have lived through the same things. The tracklist kicks off with “NEW ORLEANS,” which is a smooth transition from the group’s previous work. The song seamlessly transitions to the soft, groovy “THUG LIFE.” “WHERE THE CASH AT” is a grungy-sounding track led by Merlyn. “J’OUVERT” features a startlingly intense verse from group member Joba. “SAN MARCOS,” maybe the most beautiful song, includes the London Community Gospel Choir singing, “I want more out of life than this.” In usual fashion, the group turns down the energy and ends the record with “TONYA” and “FABRIC.”

Though it’s not the most exciting song, “WEIGHT” could be the most important on the album. It details the pressures that have come with the group’s quick ascension to fame, along with some vulnerable lyrics from Abstract. The project is another trilogy, so more new music from BROCKHAMPTON is on the horizon.

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