At the Armory, Oct 31

By: Sylvia Rani


Illustration by: Emily Jablonski

Illustration by: Emily Jablonski

Rezz returned to downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday for her second Halloween in a row, this time on her “Certain Kind of Magic” tour. The Canadian born EDM DJ has been making waves ever since her debut album, “Mass Manipulation,” hit the music scene. Rezz is known for her mysterious visuals, stripped down bass music, and iconic light-up swirling goggles.

Filled with concert-goers from all over the Midwest, The Armory was a spectacle to behold on Halloween night. From glittery rave unicorns and iridescent mermaids to bloody zombies and Rick and Mortys, the crowd was in full Halloween spirit. Fellow DJ Ekali opened for the concert, spinning trap tunes mixed with melodic future bass.

As expected, Rezz played a spooky set that was full of auditory tension, echoey vocals, and heavy, industrial bass that vibrated the entire room. Her visuals were nothing short of hypnotic: rotating black-and-white spirals interspersed with clips of a dark animated forest. The deep, punctuating bass of her music was hypnotic; it felt like falling into a trance. At other times, her trippy sounds felt like an impending alien invasion.

With tracks like “Relax,” “DRUGS!” and “Witching Hour,” Rezz maintained her signature spooky vibe throughout the whole set, giving Halloween ravers the perfect atmosphere to get lost in the spirit of the occasion.

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