The $uicideBoy$:

“I Want To Die In New Orleans”

 By: Emily Ness

Suicide Boys.png

For the $uicideBoy$, a rap duo hailing from the 7th Ward of New Orleans, success is a matter of life and death. The duo’s honest lyrics about the peaks and valleys of existence as well as their reckless demeanors made them the perfect artists to see on Halloween. Fans pulled up to Myth Live in Maplewood, Minnesota with their friends decked out in costumes of all kinds, and the venue quickly turned into a zoo.

From the balcony, one could see the crowd beginning to stir as a D.J. played some of the hottest tracks of the moment. As the lights turned red and the boys took their first steps on stage, the crowd transformed into a wave. Opening with the song “Carrollton,” a classic from their new album, “I Want To Die In New Orleans,” the boys came in swinging, head banging, and rapping their hearts out. Songs like “2nd Hand,” “For The Last Time” and “South Side $uicide” showcased not only the duo’s talent, but also their personalities.

Ruby’s lyrics are more euphoric and harmonious like that of nighttime, while Scrim’s lyrics are more luminous and intense like that of daytime. Together, they balance and compliment each other. Before closing the show, the duo brought out a surprise guest, Night Lovell, whom fans went crazy for. After performing an unreleased song with Lovell, the duo came back for an encore before thanking everyone for coming out and wishing them a happy Halloween.

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