Florence + the Machine @ Target Center

 By Farrah Mina 

Florence + the Machine’s music proved to transcend age when it produced a diverse audience at the Target Center on Oct. 20. The opener, Perfume Genius, engaged the crowd with haunting vocals and fluid movements until the British indie-rock band took the stage.

Florence Welch bewitched the crowd the moment she materialized on stage donning a loose, white gown. The 32-year-old singer kicked off the night with “June” as she trotted across the stage barefoot. Welch’s dancing then erupted into a mesmerizing frenzy of leaps and hair whips that cast a spell over the crowd for the rest of the night.

When the band played “Dogs Days Are Over” the arena vibrated with life—a clear favorite. This was only heightened when Welch asked the crowd to put away their phones and exchange “I love yous” with strangers in the crowd. Fans turned on their flashlights for “Cosmic Love” at Welch’s request, creating stars to accompany the celestial lyrics.

Welch did more than thank Minneapolis and her fans. She empowered the audience when she introduced “Patricia” by touching on the #MeToo movement and thanking the women who had come forward, saying “We are living in their debt.”

 When it was time for the closer, Welch abandoned the stage and ran into the heart of the crowd where she jammed with her fans to “What Kind Of Man.” The crowd was left wanting more even after the encore, and fans left the concert with full hearts and confetti in their hair.  


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