Trench Album Review – Twenty One Pilots  

Twenty One Pilots breaks their three-year silence with “Trench,” a concept album centering around a character named Clancy who is imprisoned in the fictional city of Dema. It explores themes echoed in their previous albums such as mental illness, suicide, and doubt with an even heavier tone. Fans speculate that Dema is symbolic of depression and the nine red-hooded bishops who rule the city represent Clancy’s many insecurities. Although the album takes a few listens to fully absorb and process, it is well worth the time. Its loose alternative genre is sure to please a diverse crowd of music fans.

Vocalist Tyler Joseph toys with the idea of suicide while also considering it an impossible option. This highlights the hopelessness, indecision, and questioning that often comes along with mental illness, making the message of “Trench” an even more relatable one. Honorable mentions on the album include “My Blood,” “The Hype,” and “Legend.” “My Blood” explores themes of depression and love and does so with a sound similar to that of Foster the People. “The Hype” and “Legend” both incorporate Joseph’s classic talents and cheerful strums on the ukulele.

The amount of development and maturity shown by the duo in “Trench” has left many fans speechless. They continue tackling heavy issues and demonstrate their growth both musically and lyrically. It is unashamedly different from previous albums, yet Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun still maintain their signature sound.

Wake Mag