Troye Sivan, The Bloom Tour

By Marley Richmond

Sensual, bubbly, and sometimes melancholic, Troye Sivan’s Minneapolis stop of the Bloom Tour was a night to remember. The show was opened by up-and-coming pop star Carlie Hansen, who just released her  new single, “Toxins,” and Kim Petras, a real-life Sharpay with just as much attitude. These two had the crowd jumping up and down and singing along, even if they didn’t know all the words. When Troye came on, the room lit up with even more love, joy, and pride.

His show was a beautiful combination of ‘80s inspired bops celebrating sexuality, and requiems of times when he wasn’t confident in his identity. This allowed his LGBTQ+ audience to remember their own struggles and celebrate themselves as well. Sivan was unafraid to dive into heartbreak with songs like “The Good Side” and “Postcard,” which he performed from a living room couch in the middle of the stage surrounded by hauntingly beautiful lamps. He  set the room on fire with classics like “Youth” and “Bite” from his debut album, “Blue Neighborhood,” and more recent anthems like “Bloom” and “1999,” his newest release with Charlie XCX. Sivan’s stage presence was magical, with hips swaying, hands running over his body, strutting the stage, and addressing the crowd with passion and humor in his perfect Aussie accent. As the night ended with “My My My!” it was hard to say goodbye. Now queueing a “Post-Concert Depression” playlist featuring Carlie, Kim, and Troye.

Wake Mag