“III” by The Lumineers

By Katelyn Anderson

The Lumineers’ new album, “III,” discusses adversities such as alcoholism, depression, and loneliness from the viewpoints of three members of the Sparks family.

The Lumineers recently released a new album, “III,” along with a video series for the album on YouTube. The album has ten songs with three bonus tracks. The songs, excluding the bonus tracks, are separated into three discs, or chapters that follow three generations of the Sparks family and the adversities they face. On the cover of the album, each roman numeral corresponds to the person featured in each chapter.

The first chapter follows Gloria Sparks and her struggle with alcoholism and depression while trying to raise a child. The second chapter is about Junior Sparks, Gloria’s grandson, and the issues he has with his father, Jimmy. The third and final chapter tells of Jimmy Sparks’s struggle with life and alcohol.

The songs feature energetic drums and guitar, yet the lyrics tell a different story. Lead singer, Wesley Schultz, reveals his frustration by using his raspy voice in “Gloria.” In some songs such as “Leader of the Landslide,” the song starts slow and dismal, but the beat picks up, and Schultz expresses an accusatory tone and shows his outrage toward the people who wronged him. Schultz conveys a resentful tone toward people in his life that have hurt him or deceived him throughout the album. 

 The Lumineers effortlessly sing about alcoholism, loneliness, and depression from the perspective of people dealing with these struggles, as well as their loved ones. “III” addresses topics that are dark, but important.

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