“Lookout Low” by Twin Peaks

By Emma Niemaszyk

It’s eleven o’clock at Fine Line on a Friday night. The venue is small, intimate. It is all excitement at the venue tonight. Twin Peaks’ “Lookout Low” proposes a fresh take on the band’s moshing, ageless tunes. The new album had just been released seven days earlier. A refreshing take on rock ‘n’ roll, every song makes the listener want to get up and dance, hips swingin’ back and forth, or pack a bowl and lay down on the couch. Happy, happy, happy. 

The guys come on stage. They play all the groovy old favorites. “Walk to the One You Love” is a classic. “Wanted You” has everyone pointing their hands in the air, screaming at some non-present person. Some with rage, some with thrill, but all with an excitement so discrete it is like a happy, high fever takes over the crowd. They play the new ones, too. “Ferry Song” feels like reaching Kingdom Come in that small little venue on First Ave, even as the people pushing and shoving makes it that much less romantic. 

They end the night with “Oh Mama,” a new one off the album. It is paradisiacal. Connor banging on the drums for dear life; Cadien with the monumental head swings, hair going in every direction; Clay with his unique voice and goofiness; Jack, who contributes wholly to the distinct feel the band gives; Colin, who gives the band a fresher sound, holding them all together.

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