Heard It In A Past Life by Maggie Rogers

By: Macie Rasmussen 

Maggie Rogers’ most recent release, “Heard It In A Past Life,” sounds like the feeling of being 21. Rogers gives us songs so visceral that they are emotions themselves.

“Say It” is the fantasy of a fast, intense crush followed by disappointment when it doesn’t result in anything; it’s the anguish of desire so strong that it’s unspeakable. “On + Off” is the vulnerability of admitting your infatuation with someone. “Overnight” is the perpetual amazement of how rapidly and vastly someone can transform. “The Knife” is what you and your friends put on when getting ready for a party—the part of the night that is always so much better than the party itself. 


The album also includes the previously released track “Alaska,” where Rogers sings, “Cut my hair so I could rock and back forth/without thinking of you.” Can you think of anything more 20-something than cutting your bangs when you’re sad? 

“Back In My Body” closes the album perfectly. In a preview on Instagram, Rogers said, “This is a song about coming home to yourself.” It’s a poignant reminder that no matter what or who you may lose, you’ll always have yourself to embrace.

Rogers’ songs evoke a strong sense of nostalgia—songs that, when listened to in future years, will bring back memories of a rundown Dinkytown house and all the emotional turmoil experienced there: the emotional haircuts, the melodrama, the burn of potential romance slipping away. Her words capture this and preserve the feeling of being in retrograde yourself.


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