Hockey Dad at 7th Street Entry

By: Tosin Faseemo


Australian surf rock band Hockey Dad returned to Minneapolis for the third time on Feb. 5, performing an electrifying set at 7th Street Entry. The show was opened by Heart to Gold, a Minneapolis-based rock band with angsty, heartfelt vocals. Pllush, a group from San Francisco, played the second set with a more laid-back sound. LA band HUNNY, the third and final opener, brought a great intensity to the crowd with rocking guitar parts, resulting in an impressively enthusiastic pit.

Illustration by Morgan Wittmers-Graves

Illustration by Morgan Wittmers-Graves


Once the crowd was warmed up, Hockey Dad made it to the stage and maintained the energy levels created by the opening bands. Drummer Billy Fleming and guitarist/vocalist Zach Stephenson played songs from their sophomore album, “Blend Inn.” The upbeat, resilient tune “My Stride” kept the room bouncing with optimistic lyrics and cheery guitar strumming. “Homely Feeling” filled the air with a nostalgic, chaotic energy. A high point was the song “Danny;” the audience swayed to the song as its woeful sound washed over the room, with some people raising their drinks in solidarity. Another highlight was “Disappoint Me” with its strikingly honest lyrics and prominent drum beat.


Hockey Dad brought their Australian warmth to the Twin Cities, resulting in a relaxed yet lively vibe. Between sets, they displayed a jovial relationship, speaking between themselves and with the audience. The audience ranged from young teens to middle-aged adults, but regardless of age, everyone was there to enjoy the sounds of this up-and-coming duo.

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