Young the Giant Review

By Megan Hoff



Even though the temperature dipped below zero, fans packed the Palace Theatre on Feb. 24 to see indie rock darlings Young the Giant. The opener, Sure Sure, had the crowd warmed up quickly with their stage presence and smooth 80s sound.


Young the Giant kicked off their high-energy performance with “Oblivion” from their latest album, “Mirror Master.” Lead singer Sameer Gadhia looked dashing in a colorful button-down shirt and high-waisted pants. The band played a solid mix of songs from their discography, with a slightly heavier focus on their new release and their 2016 “Home of the Strange” album. “Titus Was Born” had everyone chanting, “rainwater, rainwater,” while a smattering of old favorites like “Cough Syrup” and “Apartment” brought nostalgia to the performance.


At one point, Gadhia tried to moonwalk and fell down so hard that he broke the band’s synth setup. He grooved on the ground, finished the song, and exited the stage. When he returned for the encore, he triumphantly stated, “I’m gonna have a scar.” He lifted up his shirt and flashed the crowd: sure enough, there was a huge red mark on his back.


However, that didn’t stop Gadhia from finishing strong.The encore was a spiritual experience. “Tightrope” was an electrical mix of blue and purple lights and snazzy beats, which lent a clublike vibe to the venue. The set concluded with “My Body,” and Sure Sure joined the band onstage, belting out the words with the crowd. After such an enthralling show, fans eagerly await Young the Giant’s return.

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