“100% Fresh” by Adam Sandler Review

By Emma Chekroun


“100% Fresh” works as both an ironic and truthful title, as Adam Sandler returns to his roots of goofy, eclectic comedy songs while managing to be classic and fresh. This is his latest solo album since “Shhh...Don’t Tell,” released in 2004. It takes an introspective look at his comedy career and life. For those who grew up with Sandler and remember his Saturday Night Live days and infamous “Chanukah Song,” this album is a breath of sweet nostalgic air. For those who only saw the later parts of his career, the album provides insight into the comedic styling of “song” that worked its way through the ‘90s with artists such as Steve Martin and died off before the 2000s. 

Sandler plays with form throughout the album, jumping from jaunty piano tunes with “Ice Cream Lady” to “Phone, Wallet, Keys,” which utilizes a beat that could easily appear on a SoundCloud rapper’s page. The two standout songs on the album are “Farley” and “Grow Old With You.” Sandler sonically channels Bruce Springsteen in the former, delivering a touching rendition that honors the legacy of the late Chris Farley. The track shows not what it’s like to lose a friend, but rather what it’s like to love a friend. Remastered “Grow Old With You” borrows music from the ‘98 romcom, “The Wedding Singer,” and is a heartfelt love letter to Sandler’s wife, Jackie Sandler. This song beautifully ages the original, illustrating the beauty and intimacy that comes from sharing a life with somebody.

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