The Jonas Brothers at the Armory

By Allison Colsch


            After a six-year breakup, the Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever. In one of their first shows since their reunion, Nick, Joe, and Kevin electrified the crowd on Apr. 6 at the Armory. The concert, a free event put on by the NCAA for March Madness, opened with a passionate performance by Elle King, known for her raspy voice. Afterwards, the crowd waited anxiously for the group to hit the stage. When they did, people went insane.


            They began their set with “Burnin’ Up,” arguably their most well-known song. This was immediately followed up by another classic, “Just the Way We Roll.” The sound of thousands of fans singing together echoed throughout the venue.

            With the crowd effectively hyped up, the brothers performed several songs made popular by their 2008 movie “Camp Rock.” People were screaming the lyrics while jumping around without a care in the world.

            Towards the end of the concert, Nick and Joe both took some time to perform songs from their solo excursions. With the melodies of “Jealous” and “Cake by the Ocean” ringing in their ears, the fans geared up for the climactic finish. The boys closed their set with one of their latest singles, “Sucker.”

Throughout the entire concert, the crowd, mostly women ages 18 to 28, was hit with nostalgia for the days of childhood and boy band crushes. As the concert ended and everyone departed, exclamations of “Did that really happen?” could be heard all around, speaking to the surprise and impact of the Jonas Brothers’ triumphant return.

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