Us Review

By: Shae Kizima


Give Jordan Peele a pair of golden shears and an unnerving symphonic “I Got 5 On It” remix, and he’ll have horror fans everywhere in a frenzy. Following the massive success of his masterful psychological thriller, “Get Out,” the trailer release of Peele’s latest film, “Us,” immediately sparked a wave of excitement among Twitter users. The film depicts a family tormented by vengeful, murderous doppelgängers known as the “tethered” and has fans flocking to the theaters. 


Emulating its predecessor, “Us” captures a chilling feeling of confinement. With scenes taking place in underground tunnels and mirror mazes, Peele succeeds in making his audience uneasy with thoughts of the potential horrors taking place directly under our feet or behind our backs. 



The standout feature of the film is its incredible use of sound. From the soundtrack featuring 90s hip-hop to Lupita Nyong’o’s uncanny voice, the film’s sound emphasizes its easy going yet horrific nature.


The film itself embodies a duality similar to that of its characters as it fluxes between comedy and horror. The comic relief—although effective—nearly outshines the moments which had potential to be powerfully dreadful. Those who eagerly pay to experience two hours of terror will be slightly disappointed. 


Regardless, the lax terror should not discredit its brilliance. Considering its position under the looming shadow of “Get Out,” “Us” had big shoes to fill. With a more blasé attitude toward its horror, “Us” showcases Peele’s affinity for horror as well as his comedy background.

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