By: Tosin Faseemo


At 17 years old, Billie Eilish has released her debut studio album, “WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” The second track, titled “bad guy,” features a booming bass and lyrics establishing Eilish’s fierce, almost evil persona. The last part of the song introduces a new beat with minimal instrumentals and a slightly more sinister tone. Eilish brings similarly cool confidence to “you should see me in a crown,” in which she creates a subtle comparison between her growing popularity and royal status over a sharp, fast-paced beat.


Some songs take a more emotional tone, such as “listen before i go,” from the perspective of a person who has decided to end their life. She pairs a soft, piano-based instrumental with apologetic lyrics to friends. 


Throughout the album Eilish toes the line between youthful and immature, reminding listeners of her young age. An example of this is the contrast between “my strange addiction” and “wish u were gay.” The former is a cute, poppy track about liking someone to the point where it feels addictive. This can be juxtaposed with the controversial “wish u were gay,” in which Eilish expresses anguish over a romantic rejection. 


Ultimately, the album has many bright moments but sometimes takes itself too seriously in a way that is reminiscent of an edgy teenager’s diary entries. Despite this, Eilish’s passionate vocals and storytelling abilities are enough to create curiosity about her future projects.

Wake Mag