“Cry 4 Help” Review

By: Tosin Faseemo


Kari Faux’s “Cry 4 Help” EP is only 17 minutes long, but it packs a punch. Faux is careful and deliberate in the development of each track. The songs pull listeners in as they blend into a soothing mix of instrumentals and vocals. This juxtaposes with the subject matter of the record, which focuses on the difficulties of her personal life.


The opening track, “Medicated,” illustrates Faux’s mental instability through its repetitive chorus, which details her numerous highs and lows. The title is also repeated as she expresses her distaste for medication, claiming “I don't wanna be sedated, rather have you call me crazy,” before describing her attempts at self-medicating with marijuana and alcohol. The looped, lazy vibe of the song emphasizes the cyclical nature of Faux’s actions.


On “Leave Me Alone,” Faux laments the inescapable presence of superficial friends in her life. Pairing a strong bass line and a bored, almost apathetic tone, listeners can hear her message loud and clear: don’t bother me if you aren’t going to be there for me.


“In The Air” and “Night Time” are feel-good tracks about relaxing and smoking. The first contains a verse from rapper Curren$y, while the latter includes a tastefully executed violin part. 


“Latch Key” is the most intimate track on the EP. Faux takes the time to delve deep into her trauma. She details an unpleasant sexual encounter, the resulting teenage pregnancy, and her sudden miscarriage with an unflinching calmness. Through her music, Kari Faux offers hope to survivors by boldly sharing her experiences with the world.

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