“Queer Eye” Season 3 Review

By: Tosin Faseemo


Netflix recently released a new season of “Queer Eye,” the modern reboot of  “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” The show follows five gay men who improve the lifestyles of randomly assigned people. In past seasons, their efforts were usually focused on straight men, so fans were pleasantly surprised to see diverse female representation on season three.


The first episode centers around Jody, a hard-working hunter who desires to dress femininely for an anniversary dinner with her husband, but is unsure of how to achieve her preferred look. Karamo Brown, the show’s culture/lifestyle expert assembles a group of women to discuss femininity with Jody. She benefits from the words of other women, gaining confidence and clarity about what she likes and what makes her feel like a beautiful woman.


Queer Eye season 3.png

Another episode features a young black woman named Jess. After coming out to her adoptive parents at the age of 16, she was immediately disowned, and has lived independently ever since. Through the course of the episode, the Fab Five recognize the intersecting identities that make up Jess’ lived experiences, and use them as inspiration for their advice. The style expert, Tan France, helps Jess find a balance between femininity and masculinity in a way that reflects her sexuality. Decor expert Bobby Berk brings a homey atmosphere to her living space, bringing comfort into her previously turbulent life.


On Season 3 of “Queer Eye,” the cast helped people make meaningful lifestyle changes that reflected their personalities. In doing so, they emphasized self-knowledge and the importance of self-acceptance.

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