BANKS Concert Review

By Abigail Watson

BANKS played at the Varsity Theater, a small concert venue in the heart of Dinkytown, on September 17 to promote her newest album. “III” is her third studio album, but a major theme of the record is how life comes in threes: birth, life, death or past, present, future and how not everything in life is black and white. 

BANKS’ music is often described as dark and moody, and the blackness in the theater, with only flashing spotlights to illuminate the stage, tied in with her music and demeanor. The majority of the songs played during the show were from her “III” album, but Banks also graced the stage with a few of her older hits, such as her most famous song, “Waiting Game” and the spooky melody of “Poltergeist,” from “The Altar.”

BANKS didn’t interact with the crowd much, but she channeled her inner rebel, as she does every time she performs. In a beautiful and intimate moment, BANKS shared a poem called “Ode to the Grey Zone” which related to the themes of the “III” album. 

In the blink of an eye, the show was over and done with, but after much chanting, BANKS came back to play one more of her hits, a song called “Beggin for Thread,” about not apologizing for your sharp edges. 

With syncopated melodies and raw,emotional lyrics, BANKS had everyone in the crowd with their hands over their hearts singing along and forging in solidarity their love of her music but also shared past experiences.

Wake Mag