Tala Alfoqaha


Type of Milk? Oat milk!

Your best Spotify playlist title? Spyhouse + Jerk Chicken

What would you like to make a documentary about? Experiences and conditions of migrant laborers in Middle Eastern countries & the absolute lack of governmental protections that migrant workers have. Otherwise the cultural impact of Ratatouille.

Activity you enjoyed as a child? As children, my sister and I were the architects of Slug World -- a sustainable haven for slugs that we would regularly build on the sidewalk out of romaine lettuce and sticks and dirt.

2 animals that would make you? Llama and poodle

If you were an infomercial what infomercial would you be? ShamWoW. No contest.

Instagram: @tala_alfoqaha

Twitter: @AlfoqahaT