Loving a Difficult Nation

A Look at American Patriotism in Modern Times

By: Allison Colsch


The United States of America is a difficult nation to love. That is the plain and simple truth. It is difficult to love a nation that has a government whose ideologies so often challenge your own. It is even more difficult when that government is the face of your nation, proclaiming to the world that those one-sided beliefs are the beliefs of its people. 

pride in country but not government.png

As a young liberal growing up in a time dominated by conservative administrations, I have struggled over the past few years to find ways to love my country despite my opposition to the government. How am I supposed to admire a nation that constantly boasts of its superiority while simultaneously marginalizing countless groups of people, ignoring the needs of its most vulnerable citizens and turning its back on those coming to its borders seeking help? The task seems impossible. In realizing this, I find that my love for America has nothing to do with the government and everything to do with its people.

My fellow Americans, Republicans or Democrats, are the reason that I love this nation. Although there is no denying that we can be a broken society where hate runs rampant, I choose to believe the majority exemplify the wonderful values that America has become known for. Though proud and opinionated, they are also hardworking, compassionate, and independent.  They are willing to fight for their rights, as well as for the rights of others.  A representation of the freedoms that we are afforded here, it is the people who give me faith in this country.

The government will continue to test me. I’d be foolish to think otherwise. However, our nation was born through resistance, and I know that we Americans will never stop trying to better it. This is the America that I love.

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