No Pets Allowed? Invest In A Fish Bowl

Why pet fish might be the best fit for college students

By Megan Hoff


Few things in life are cuter than dogs. They’re great pets, and cats are pretty nice, too. However, I am not here to discuss the obvious benefits of a furry friend. Rather, I am making a case for one pet in particular: fish.



My experiences with pet fish have always been positive. I got my own fish when I was in fifth grade—a blue betta named Ernie who lived for almost three years. It was nice to have company in my room, and feeding him everyday was an enjoyable routine. Ernie learned when it was feeding time and would rise to the top of his bowl, waiting for his meal. I had three more bettas and two goldfish throughout high school. Watching them swim around while studying helped me relax, and taking care of them gave me a small sense of responsibility.


Why else should you consider adopting a swimming friend? They’re super relaxing to watch, which is why some dentist offices have aquariums in their lobbies. Looking for some extra company in your tiny apartment that won’t allow pets? Get a fish. They’re quiet and don’t shed. A bowl or even a small tank takes up little space and won’t get you in trouble with your landlord. 


Are you a broke college student with little time to spare, but still desire animal companionship? Get a fish. It depends on the type, but goldfish and bettas are cheap, running from $3-$7. The cheapest bowl at PetSmart is $5. Add in some stones or gravel (starting at $3), some decor, say, a pineapple under the sea ($5-10), and food (starting at $3 and depending on the fish), and you have a grand total of $19-$26 for a minimal-effort companion who will (probably) see you through graduation.

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