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For one week, our fearless Wake staff decided to do the unthinkable: shut up and listen (to your private conversations). Here we’ve compiled the best, most befuddling and cringe-worthy out-of-context snippets from our week-long plunge, just for (and from) you.

“This IPA is aggressive.” -Someone in a bar
“Oh, we made a flyer, but it was in comic sans.” -A font-conscious CA in the Sanford Dining Hall
“We need to start timing our pees.” -Visionary roommates
“Our wedding is going to be, like, blackout nation.” -A romantic drunk spouse on the street
“The only sport I was ever good at was horseback-riding, and I intend to keep that to myself” -Closet horse-back rider in Purple Onion
“We haven’t worked out in 24 hours, so we’re like the worst.” -Presumable fitness gods in an Uber
“I just wanted to put the cat in the bag, but it jumped on the couch instead.” -Frazzled man/cat-napper on the Light Rail
“Every time there’s a whistle they punch somebody.” -Wisconsin fan explaining how hockey works
“If he’s from Vermont he’s definitely circumcised.” -A very certain individual
“Our son’s a libertarian. I hope he get’s over it.” -Concerned mother at a swanky party
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