How to Get Your Crush to Notice You

Four tactics to use to get your crush’s attention

By: Joe Kelly


If you’re anything like me, you’re heavily introverted and haven’t had a love life since… well, ever. You might’ve had that one date in second grade when you didn’t even know what feelings were, but now, you’re in college and feeling a little left out of all the happiness that a relationship can bring, leading to a heavy case of FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out).


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You’ve developed romantic feelings over that one person who sits next to you in your elective class that doesn’t really even notice your existence. You’ve resorted to merely dreaming about what a happy relationship would be like: going on a movie date and pulling the old “stretch-and-yawn” tactic to sneak your arm around your partner, holding hands with them while staring at tombstones of dead couples, or French-kissing them at an election party after finding out Scott Walker loses.


Being alone is hard, so if you’re in this situation, here are four tactics on how to get your crush to notice you.


1. “Oops… dropped my pencil”

One tactic that isn’t too hard is getting your crush to help you in some way… when they don’t even know you yet.


Here’s an obvious example: if they’re sitting next to you in lecture, drop your writing utensil “on accident” toward where they’re sitting. If they’re nice, they’ll pick it up for you right away. However, if they don’t notice, you might have to pipe up: “Sorry, I dropped that, could you…?”


If they refuse to pick it up, forget them and move on because you don’t need saltiness like that in your life.


2. “I don’t understand ANYTHING in this class”

One thing that makes anyone feel good is when you ask them for help to understand your homework. It makes them feel like they’re at least above certain people and not failing for once. People LOVE feeling superior—I’m looking at you, STEM majors. But you have to time it right.


Don’t ask at any-old time… that’s creepy. Instead, wait for the moment the professor gives the answer in class to a problem, and then react like you thought you had it right, but were wrong. Snag the chance to ask them: “Ugh, I thought I understood this, but I’m really not getting it… Do you know how to do this?”


3.  The Compliment

Now this is where it starts to get tricky.


You can’t just comment on anything your crush is wearing. For example, saying, “Nice jeans” is not specific and downright sounds like you’re grasping at straws and/or are desperate.


You also can’t look like you’re hitting on them because that’s when you become sketchy. Compliment them on something they have that’s a little more unique or stands out. You could comment on their keychains, their lunch bag that has something nerdy on it, their laptop stickers, their scarf, et cetera.


Be natural and casual when complimenting them; you don’t want to appear super impressed. That’s a signal that you need attention, and if I’ve learned anything in life, people hate others who are clingy.


4. The Subtle Showoff 

Do you think you’re artistic, or good at something that makes you “unique,” like everyone else?


Before class starts, subtly engage in that activity when your crush is around. For example, you could write song lyrics or drafts of a poem or pretend to read/edit sheet music if you think so much of yourself. You could even draw something on your notebook that’s bound to impress or show the bottom side of your “sick skateboard.”


Even if they don’t comment, they’re bound to notice that you’re focused on something. If you look like you’re focused on something, it makes you look like you have a life.


Remember, when trying out any of these strategies, don’t try too hard. These tips are to try to get your crush to notice you, not fall in love with you. Keeping your cool is key and appearing more than you are is of utmost importance. Good luck my fellow introverts, and for those who live without love, you will have your day soon.

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